We prefer the human contact with the customers

Genesi Srl was founded in 1992, thanks the experience and skill of craftsmen in the mounting stand and skills of its operators internal and external collaborators.
Genesi in the time has always had a growing business, both nationally and internationally, thanks to qualified and experienced personnel in communication with fairs.

stand Over time he learned to adapt to market changes proposed, and has always stood out, although managed exclusively by the two owners who want to personally follow each step, from design to final assembly of the stand.
Genesi is in the province of Bologna, easily accessible, so as to enable to serve at the same time, several events, including foreign.

stand2 The company motto is:
"Quality-price-fast delivery".

Very often, when it speak of quality, it is feared excessive costs or when the price is low, to lose is image quality of company.

Erika Magagna says:
"For years we tryed to keep prices stable and achieve a higher quality, with a proper relationship between the two factors. It is not always easy, especially because increase the prices of materials, but fortunately the market also offers many alternatives with materials always new..
What happens is that customers, before signing a contract, we ask if the stand will be ready before the event, we not only reassure them about this, but we are ready to put in writing. The customers before signing a contract ask us if the work will be ready before the event and we are ready to put it in writing. The problem of delays in delivery is increasingly heard, and we do not want that the exhibitor is ready for his manifestation and can not to do it for blame of stand assembler. Then we help our customer to resolve ever problems.
This is Genesi Srl.